Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas

Hi again, wow where did the year go. What an adventure we have had over the past 10 months travelling though our great country and now we are going to be living in Tasmania.... Yes we have bought a lovley little place in the Huon Valley about 2 mins out or Franklin, which is about 10 mins from Huonville. We are just across the road from the river and have wonder view up and down the river and over to the back of Mt Wellington.  Id like to wish you all a very Happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

 From our garden.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello from Hobart

 This horse is made from barbed wirer it looks so real we drove passed it a few times before realizing it was not living.....(It was then situated in a paddock near Cygnet

Spent the day at the Botanical gardens in Hobart . It was a lovely 30 degrees and no wind. We have been here before in the autumn and was just as impressed as we are today. A lovely place to spent the day with the family or just have a picnic. The roses were superb, just a little late we should of came a couple of weeks ago as strong wind has damaged the flowers slightly but still a magnificent show 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hail Storm. Port Huon

Last week:   Wow what a hail storm. It sounded so loud in the caravan. I braved the hail went out and took some pictures. The hail stayed around for over and hour on the ground. It was fun listening to the kids that came to the park over the road. One boy said;"This is the best day of my life . Ever..."

Went to an open garden today just out of Cygnet had this awesome  Bumble Bee buzzing around. Wasnt that taken with the garden, but the bee made up for it...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Port Huon. This is an awesome place checking out some properties down here.

The blue wrens are so beautiful and so many of them around here. They eat crumbs of the door mat.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

On Top of the World

Mount Wellington Tasmania. What an awesome view and it was even snowing as we got to the top. You are so high that the view takes your breath away. Kinda like being in an aeroplane I cant wait till they put a cable car to the top. It will be a world class ride all the way. (That s if the Tasmanians can get over the politics).

Count the Bunnys................................they are all over the Caravan park and not afraid of you either. Just sunning themselves on the door step. My highest count in one go was 13 of the Darlings........................

Graphic 45 cards, Ladies Diary

Just a couple of cards to keep you inspired. These papers from Graphic 45 are perfect for cardmakers. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


 These were taken on the way up to the great lakes most of the snow has melted,
 Yes it reached it target..............................
 Miena, near the great Lakes
 Found these ice crystles on the side of the road in a ditch top temp for the day here was 3degrees Below is Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain is in the back ground. We went for a walk in our wet weather gear as it was raining,we still had a great time.
Well Hello everyone, I thought Id better let you all know we have landed in Tasmania and have been here about 3 weeks. We have landed in winter or just at the end so plenty of snow and cold weather still around but having an awesome time checking out the place.
We are staying at a friends place while they are away so we have been based in Perth which is just out of Launceston up the top end.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Craft Time

Ok I know its been awhile since Ive put up cards so I thought you my like these note book covers. I have used the spellbinders sunflower die and the daisy die. Very simple to do and can be adapted to use as a card. As space is limited in the caravan I have not been doing very many cards but it will soon be necessary to get all the gear out as withdrawals are setting in.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yorke Peninsular

 We are now on the York Penisular. Sunset at Port Broughton
 Wool Bay taken from the old lime Kiln.
 Looking across to Port  Giles from Wool bay
 Lime Kiln.
 Lime kiln from the bottom, apparently they didnt work to well.
Spring is almost upon us the trees are starting to blossom down here

Hello again to all who have been following our travels. The landie is back on the road (only just) and we now have invested in some roadside assistance. Hopefully we wont have to use it.
We have been travelling around the York Peninsula and still have about a week down at Marion Bay to go.
We have booked our trip across to Tassie for the 22nd August so we will have about a week to get to Melbourne from here.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What an Adventure July 20.12

Wow the past two months have flown by. We have had a great time getting Zircons and now Garnett and Iolite and Epidote. The country out here is very beautiful and the weather has been quiet pleasant even a little too warm at times. Nights get very cold and down into the minuses but all in all not too bad if you come prepared.
We had travelled about 200km along the Plenty H way before trouble started to appear in the form broken water pump and boiling engine. We managed to get off the main road and up a side track to do some repairs. (Luckily we had a spare water pump) It took Adj a day and a half to fit it and get the car going again and then it was very slow going.  A very nice grader man gave us a tow back to his camp which was about 10km away. This took us an hour to get there.  We topped up with water and started a very slow limp back towards Gem Tree Caravan Park, stopping every 2 km to top everything up with water jumping in and making a dash for the next two km.

 When we reach the turn off for the Caravan Park a very nice man said he would tow the van into Alice for us. Adj went out and pick up the car the next day with a car trailer, it is now getting a new radiator, water pump and something done to the head-gasket cause it was warped. So we are going to be heading back down south along the bitumen and going to check out the York Peninsular for awhile with the in-laws.